Dulce Vida; Colombian Cafe & Restaurant | Manhattan, New York, NY 10028
Dulce Vida Cafe & Restaurant Catering
Catering has everything you need to make your next event a fresh and delicious success.

Corn Fried Empanadas (cocktail size):  Chicken, beef, or cheese fillings (36 small) served with Aji sauce on the side (spicy Colombian sauce).
Maria’s Guacamole with chips. A platter for 10 people: $70.00

Arroz con Pollo:  Traditional Spanish yellow rice with vegetables and shredded chicken served with green salad and fried plantains. $ 9.25 per person   

Ropa Vieja:  Sautéed shredded beef or chicken, with onions and tomatoes served with white rice and red beans. $10.50 per person   

Bread Options: Whole Wheat, Seven Grains, Cranberry Nut, Sourdough, White.
Cheese Options: Mozzarella, Swiss, Munster, American.
In between Options: Roasted Onions, Avocados, Pineapple, Ham, Turkey, Tomatoes. A platter for 10 people: $ 65.00  

10 People Platter $ 60.00

-Mini Cheese Cakes: $ 2.75 each or $ 30.00 per dozen.
-Chocolate Chip Cookies: $ 11.00 per dozen 
-Platter of Assorted Cookies: $25.00 
-Mini Cup Cakes: $ 1.75 each or $ 18.00 per dozen. 
-Bread Pudding: A platter for 12 people $25.00
-Mini Napoleons: $3.50 each or $32.00 per dozen.
-Rice Pudding: $ 3.75 each or $40.00 per dozen.
-Flan: $ 4.00 each or $ 42.00 per dozen
-A Tres Leches for 20 People: $ 60.00 

-Mini Chicharrones: Guava and Cheese, or dulce de leche: $ 24.00 per dozen.
-Mini Buñuelos: $10.20 per dozen
-Mini Pan de Bonos: $12.00 per dozen
-Mini Turn Overs: Pineapple, Guava, Dulce de Leche, Apple, Vainilla, Blueberry: A platter for 10 people (24 assorted) $50.00

Note: You can mix and match and order couple different desserts. 
Note: You can order anything from our menu and we will adjust the prices based on the amounts ordered.
Note: Feel free to ask for additional options, we can make any cake or desserts for special occasions.
Note: Any of the items for the pickup menu could be adapted to our Catering Menu.